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17 Reasons Why You Should Own A Charmaster Hot Water Furnace
  1. The Charmaster System Will Lower Your Heating Costs.
    Many Charmaster owners report their YEARLY heating costs is about the same as a MONTHS heating cost using oil, gas or electric heat.
  2. Plenty of hot water with a Hot Water Furnace

  3. You Will Get FREE Domestic Hot Water During The Heating Season!
    The optional domestic water pre-heater (Double Wall) will pre-heat your domestic water and save you up to $50 per month. This is a U.L. LISTED unit and installation is simple. Results are fantastic and well worth the cost and effort to install. The unit is very well made and constructed of copper and stainless steel for years of trouble-free service.
  4. Burn Wood On Your Schedule.
    With Charmaster's unique insulated water storage tank, 1 to 3 days worth of heat can be stored from one firing. A constant fire is not required.
  5. You Will Have A Warmer, More Comfortable Home.
    Wood heat is 24 hour a day heat. Oil, gas or electric heat is on wide-open and then off. There is a big difference in your comfort level from the two kinds of heat. Wood heat really makes a difference. You'll love it!
  6. A Charmaster Furnace Will Pay For Itself Many Times Over.
    You will receive a huge return on your investment year after year.
  7. Heat with Wood - Save Money

  8. The Charmaster System Leaves The Wood And The Mess Outside.
    With the Charmaster Hot Water Furnace installed in a garage, outbuilding or heated workshop, the mess associated with wood burning never enters your home. Only the heat enters the home.
  9. Low Wood Consumption.
    Charmaster's unique design and burning principles offer you the utmost efficiency. You will burn only a fraction of the wood consumed by other wood burning furnaces.
  10. Burn Normal Size, Easy To Handle Wood.
    This system is very efficient and will require only a fraction of the wood required by most other wood burning boilers.
  11. The Charmaster System Is Easy To Install By Most Homeowners.
    We have designed the entire system tor the "DO-IT-YOURSELFER".
  12. The Charmaster Works Well In The Coldest Of Climates.
    Capable of heating most any size home or small commercial building. The Charmaster furnaces are performance tested in the coldest region of the continental U.S.A., Northern Minnesota. In Northern Minnesota, heating your home is serious business, very serious. Charmaster is one of the oldest wood furnace manufacturers in America in business today. With a Charmaster you will never be cold.
  13. The Charmaster System Is Factory Plumbed And Wired To The Fullest Extent Possible.
    With a Charmaster you will not get a bag of parts you are expected to put together. It is already assembled. This will save you hours of installation time.
  14. The Charmaster System Operates At A Safe "Zero Pressure".
    The entire system is vented to the atmosphere.
  15. All Units Are Tested And Listed By The Energy Testing laboratory Of Maine.
    The Energy Testing Laboratory of Main is a nationally accepted testing facility. Charmaster heating systems are tested to U.L. 391; C.S.A. B366; E.T.L.M. 78-1 standards.
  16. Think Of A Wood Central Heating System As An Investment.
    A wood furnace will increase the value of your home. A home that is easy to heat is easy to sell.
  17. Charmaster Will Send You $50.00 Cash For Every Furnace You "Sell" For Us.
    Heat with Wood - Save MoneyJust refer your Charmaster furnace to a friend or relative. If they purchase a Charmaster furnace, we will send you $50.00 as a thank you. It's that simple!
  18. A Charmaster Furnace Gives You Independence.
    With wood heat, you are no longer a slave to fluctuating and inflated energy costs.
  19. A Warm Garage, Outbuilding Or Heated Workshop Is Another Additional Benefit.

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